The Powerblade 10K delivers 10,000mAh of smart, stylish, ultra-slim power for your smartphone, tablet, and laptop. Power delivery (PD) to 18W will keep your devices charged up everywhere life takes you.

  • Slim, sleek, and stylish

    The slim, sophisticated feel of the PowerBlade 10K in your pocket or hand will perfectly compliment your digital life and style.

  • Fast charge your phone

    With USB Type-C power delivery charging (in & out), you will charge your devices fast, and recharge the power bank in short order too. 

  • High quality power

    The PowerBlade 10K looks and feels great, and performs even better. Its high quality battery cell will reliably recharge day after day.

Fast and flexible

Charge all your devices - everything from your phone to your USB-C powered laptop.

• Intelligent 18W power deliver at 5V / 9V / 12V
• Charge two devices of virtually any kind at once
• Up to 96 hours of phone charge in standby
• USB-C PD in and out charging port
• USB-A fast charging out
• Micro USB fast charge in

Quick recharge too

• Four, easy to read, white charge indicator LED lights
• Blue quick charge LED light visible when active
• Handy two-sided USB-A port
• Quick charge to refill the power bank in as few as five hours
• Only ten hours for full recharge using a standard 5W adapter
•  Includes standards for overcharge and overheat protection

Perfectly portable

Substantial power in a slim, stylish form factor. Take the Powerblade 10K everywhere you go knowing it is ready for every adventure.

• Elegant design features you can feel
• Functional soft-touch matte finish
• Premium, polished reflective frame
• Convenient, carry anywhere size
• Perfect for carefree airline in-flight travel